Aphorisms and Neologisms of Trevor Poulton



Aphorisms and neologisms including extracted from the novel, The Holocaust Denier published Trevor Poulton in 2012.


I quote myself ordinarily.


Without the right to question, what remains is indoctrination. (2014)


Freedom of speech means allowing others to have a say.


Guilt Trip + Public Atonement = Political Correctness


Oneness is the ideology of a world run by machines.


With less privacy there is less room for free speech.


Section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act invites a culture of hypocrisy and hysterical oppressiveness.


Privacy has Gone - at least Secure Free Speech. Think about it.


Our Humanity is crafted out of the living we do and the laws we make, not a charter of human rights.


The idea of success is often too much to bear. Just ask Judas.


The egotistical pessimist steps in to take control seeking to add to the story and achieves what good?


Political Correctness is a guilt-producing social control business.


The Killer European is heading towards extinction.


Human biodiversity is the key to cultural diversity.


Nietzsche proclaimed God is Dead. I proclaim Analytic Philosophy is Dead. (2011)


Life is a tour of the Big Bang! (2012)


Let Statues Be. (2014)


It does not matter what truths you discover in life, it’s what you do with the truth.


Think less Global and more Local otherwise you will go mad. (26/8/2017)


Clarity is the key to human communication. If there is clarity there can be justice.


In politics all the friends are taken.


The mystery of the universe is that evil has limited resources.


The world was not created to be saved only people.


One would have to be very powerful to reach God through ones concept of oneself.


Jesus’s miracle is God’s creation of a pathway to God.


Jesus was two thousand and eighteen years ahead of his time. A miracle.


You’ve got to have more than one reason for doing things, more than one motive, otherwise you go down.


The earth has become small which makes the earth too easy to change.


We blind ourselves to the truth about ourselves to make ourselves feel good.


Correctspeakers do not appreciate others introducing moral concepts into a debate where the moral imperatives do not align with their own.


An end to the inhospitable era of the Correctspeakers is looming. Free Speech is again beginning its ascendancy in the Western World.


Faith is the director of truth.


Fate is shaped by the hands of faith.


Faith is shaped by the hands of fate.


Once I only had a shadow but now I have a dog and two shadows.


Loneliness is no longer a virtue of my desperation.


In the end Atheists are time wasters.  (Trevor Poulton 2/6/2016) 


Men are hard on the outside but soft on the inside, while women are soft on the outside but hard on the inside. The truth is men wallow in pain.


A fool lets his humour play tricks on him. A wit plays tricks on his humour.


The test for Freedom of Speech should not be the view that is expressed, but the manner and context in which the view is expressed.


It seems Death is quite popular. (2014) Trevor Poulton 


 Created in 2019 -

"Canberra of Good News" - Australia's capitol city, the meeting place of the federal parliament, and the far- right, and the far-centre, and the far-left. (22/4/19)


Have no fear of words over here. (2019)


It's a wonder that you're even allowed to eat!


Time denies history. (2016)


I get many requests to save the World, even though I'm doing that already! And you?  (2020 ha ha)


 I walked away and as I did so your shadow disappeared.  Problem solved. (2020)


In life as in death one must be patient. (2020)


TREVOR POULTON'S "POLITICAL CORRECT LEXICON" - Neologisms (new words) and new expressions  

'Correctspeak' - means language that is manipulated to give rise to feelings of guilt followed by the need for public atonement, in order to control social values, personal and public communication, and political activity. 

Correctspeak is the language of political correctness.  (Trevor Poulton 2008) Guilt Trip + Public Atonement = Political Correctness (formulated by Trevor Poulton 2018) 

Correctspeak is distinguished from George Orwell’s Newspeak which is controlled language, with restricted grammar and limited vocabulary, designed to limit freedom of thought.

'Political Correct Tactics' - Correctspeak is typically employed strategically as a political correct tactic to achieve personal, social, financial and political outcomes.' (1/4/2019)


'Guilt Trip + Public Atonement = Political Correctness' (formulated by Trevor Poulton 2018)         

SPEECH HATE is to be understood to mean any communication in speech or writing that is intended to censure a person or group by falsely and dishonestly or maliciously accusing the person or group of committing an act of hate speech, when in reality they are merely expressing an opinion or viewpoint.   (Neologism created by Trevor Poulton 2/11/2019 with the definition of the expression).

A hyphen may be used to connect the two words as follows 'Speech-hate'.  

'Political Correct Thriller' - a suggested new genre of fiction writing in which political correct strategies of inducing guilt and public atonement are utilized to produce sinister outcomes.  It shall include drama and satire. (Trevor Poulton 6/5/19)

Aphorism of Trevor Poulton (2014) - 'Without the right to question, what remains is indoctrination.'

' Extract from novel (published  Amazon 2012) 


"Modern conversations that have a political or ethical reference are often distorted by what I call ‘Correctspeak’. It has a more significant connotation than Orwell’s ‘Newspeak’ because ‘Correctspeak’ comes just as much from within as without. It is language manipulated by guilt. It’s applied most insidiously in democratic multicultural countries. Multiculturalism could not survive without political correctness which exploits feelings of guilt. Watch how people melt away from you if you say something that is not politically correct. Test the theory in a checkout queue at Coles New World or in the foyer of the National Gallery of Victoria…"
- (quote from Erin Kubizek, a character in novel 'The Holocuast Denier' - 2012)


23 March 2019 Trevor Poulton
Ha ha- Trevor Poulton 15/05/2020


Aphorisms and Neologisms written by Trevor Poulton between 2011 and 2020, with most published in 'BRICK Through The Window' (2018), and some being extracted from the novel by Trevor Poulton titled, "The Holocaust Denier" published in 2012.

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