Songs by Trevor Poulton © sung by his shadow

Songs or more like out of tune and atonal self-expression if you like - for the record


I’ll be your lover
For the rest of my days
And I’ll be wondering how  [silence]
You’re going now

I think of you in Brunswick Street
Walking down there with your blue eyes
And the twists in your hair
And I remember you talking all about what you’re gonna to do
I wanted you
You would always be my lover

And when the streets were dark
And the angels were lost
And we were herded in the winds of our thoughts
You were always there

You were always my lover
No matter what I had to say or what you had to do
We were part of the one forest
You elevated me to the crowns of ancient trees

You were my lover
You were my friend
I’ll never forget you till the day ends

 Stars in the moon
The sun in the light
The shadows in the shade
The darkness I pray

Baby, I loved you
There is nothing I can explain
To make all my loving to go away
Nothing I can explain
For how it worked
And how we played

Oh Ma`am, you were always my lover


Sometimes I find
I cannot see through light
And sometimes I find
Darkness strangely bright

Oh sometimes
I want to go back to home
Where my mother once lived

Sometimes I find it strange
The darkness pervades
Every move I make
I want to go home
To where my mother lived

There is rain
There is sun
There are ways
There are paths
That I can move along

Sometimes I stop
To think of her
I want to go back
To where I once belonged

Maybe a recipe
Or something she wrote down
Maybe a photograph on a wall
Signs that lead back to home

It all just leads back to home

Trevor Poulton (2020) ©


You know it’s been a long time
Since you’ve been around
I’ve tried to find you

Cities I’ve been to
And towns I’ve been
I’ve looked you up on Facebook
To find a friend

Oh it’s been a long long time
Since we connected
Since we shared words
And all the time
Words still make me think of you

Oh Coral it’s been a long time
Since we connected
And I’m thinking of you
And I know from the way things ended
Probably never see you again

It’s the way it is
That’s the way it is

You’ve gone forever
Out of my life
And I’ll see you never back

It’s the way it is
The way it is

Oh it’s been a long long time
Since we connected
Since we shared words
And all the time
Words still make me think of you

Trevor Poulton (2019) ©



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